HMU [tru7h captured]

the tru7h, the whole tru7h, and nothing but the tru7h...


Mission accomplishment.

Member welfare.

Strive to capture only the best.

Support community strength.

Teamwork is of the essence.

Respect those whom are deserving.

Research to achieve the best.

Learn from the best of the best.

Learn from the failures of others and our own.

Place 100% effort in everything attempted.

Do what is necessary to achieve the best.

History is reminding.

Troll Pride, World Wide.

Feet First Into Hell!

Rules (Archive 2009) [INVALID]

Faction Rules

The rules here aren't really anything you wouldn't expect, but I'll list them out so I don't get any "but you didn't tell us the rules" if you get demoted/banned. Consider this fair warning.

1- Obey the Officers
Please respect the officers here at HMU. If you feel that you are being treated unjustly, you can contact a General (Admins) or myself, but you had better have just cause to do so.

The current Admins are:


- And myself; Raptros555

2- Don't spam, flame, insult other members
We're all friends here, there is no reason to do any of the above.

3- Don't ask for a promotion
Ranks are explained in the Official Thread found HERE

4- Pornographic material is NOT allowed
This is a private faction, so you are NOT allowed to post pornographic material. 

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