HMU [tru7h captured]

the tru7h, the whole tru7h, and nothing but the tru7h...

Music Land

Music page dedicated to audio files mixed together by HMU [tru7h captured].

Synced with assistance from Infensive A.R.I.T.I.

 CAUTION! You may want to turn down your volume!


All zombified:

Zombies, Roses, and Vodka

Suited for the Zombie story by Treyarch.


Take a little, give a lot, aka, Russian Revolution:

Ascension to Revolution

A more darker tone.


Welcome to Project 19-1-13:

Zombies Let Go

The first mix I created using the audio from multiple sources.


Just to help avoid pissing off any wondering eyes that may come across this with rage and a slightly larger wallet than I, I am legally obligated to state that credit must be appointed to the creators known as Treyarch. Many of the audio files heard were comprised by them. If you would like to LEGALLY obtain access to files such as these, purchase their following games:

Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops

This is fan creation. This is used under Fair Use. You will not see this for purchase or download on iTunes or such applications as I did not create the whole thing. I simply organized the files into an enjoyable media for all to listen while promoting Treyarch.


Alright, now that all that meaningless legal mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, if you have any humor left,  check out my prank call below. It's for mature ears only and when I say mature, I mean, mature. Mature like, not gonna RAGE for the smallest things.

Click the following link to see if you qualify:  VERIFY   You will be leaving this website.

If you qualify, go right ahead! It's just below.  Cross the line... You know you want to...

                                                                   CROSS IT!


Who is this? This is TINO:


This is a collection of old prank calls. Nothing special, but extremely funny depending on your humor levels.





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