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Alright guys. This thread is to explain the ranking system here at -blam!-. Due to the nature of our faction, I figured what better of a ranking system to implement than the UNSC Marine Corps? Below is the list of all possible ranks. As you progress through the ranks, you will gain more privileges and respect in the faction than members ranking lower than you.

Below I will go through all of the ranks, explain their responsibilities and privileges, and suggest how you can rank up.

Enlisted Ranks (members):

The Enlisted Ranks are were you will start off if you are a new member at -blam!-. While privileges are extremely limited, they do progress throughout.

1- Recruit
If you just joined ODST, chances are you'll start off as a recruit.You can post in the forums and view all areas of the faction, but you have no privileges or responsibilities. To rank up, simply make a few posts in the forums to let us know that you actually exist.

10- Private First Class

To make it here you have proven that you do actually exist... not too hard to do. Ranks 5 and 10 do not have any privileges or responsibilities, but you are an established member of the faction. To rank up, become more active in the forums.

15- Lance Corporal
20- Corporal

To make it to Corporal status you have to prove that you are an active member. Once you recieve this status, you now have a new responsibility- recruiting. Recruiting is imperative for a faction. Not only does it show your dedication, but it helps our faction grow. To rank up, continue being an active member, and begin recruiting other members to the faction.

25- Sergeant
30- Staff Sergeant
35- Gunnery Sergeant
40- Master Sergeant
45- Master Gunnery Sergeant
50- Sergeant Major

The Sergeant status is what I hope to be the bulk of our community. These members have proven that they are active in the forums, involved in recruiting, and are trusted by the Officers. Additional privileges for these members include photo posting, continued recruiting, as well as representing the faction in a positive manner. Ranking up from Sergeant Status to an Officer rank is probably the largest step to make in the faction. You must prove that you will be (or have been) dedicated to the faction over a long period of time, and you must gain personal trust with me. The acting General (myself) is the only one that can promote you to an Officer status.

Officer Ranks (Moderators):

Becoming an Officer is a privilege. You will be trusted to look over the community and expected to use your powers appropriately. Ranking up through Officer status can only be done by acquiring the acting General's turst. Below are the Officer ranks:

55- Second Lieutenant
60- First Lieutenant

These are the lowest ranking officers. Lieutenants can edit and delete photos as well as edit titles of forum posts.

65- Captain
In addition to Lieutenant privileges, captains can make new posts in the news section.

75- Lieutenant Colonel
80- Colonel

The Colonel status allows you to promote inferior members. This is one of the biggest privileges offered in the faction. To reach colonel status, you have received the active General's upmost respect and are trusted to use your judgment wisely when promoting members.

Note to all officers with promoting abilities: You are free to promote Enlisted members as you see fit. However, the acting general is the only officer who can promote an enlisted member to officer status, or promote a current officer to a higher status. Any officer who does not oblige by this rule will be revoked of their current status. No exceptions.

85- Brigadier General
90- Major General
95- Lieutenant General (Cosigners)
100- General (Founder)

The Generals are the Admins of -blam!-. They deserve your respect, and your gratitude. Generals have the power to do pretty much anything within the faction, and are trusted to do so with fairness and maturity.

This concludes the summary of the -blam!- ranking system. Fell free to ask questions and post concerns.

DISCLAIMER: Anyone who asks to receive a promotion will NOT recieve one. So, just save yourself the trouble and don't ask for it. Do not send officers messages saying "I did ________, can I be promoted now?" If you do, you are more likely to be demoted. Ranking up is fun, and I encourage you to take the actions necessary to receive promotions, but ranks are not what this faction is all about. If you're so concerned about your rank that you feel like you need to message someone about a promotion, than this is not the faction for you.

Aditional notes:

1- All members, regardless of rank, should now have the recruiting ability.

1- As a faction that's always up and running, there may not be any admins on the site at a given point in time. If you feel that an admin should be aware of something, please send them (or me) a PM.

2- If you feel that an Admin or anyone else is abusing their power, you can message me personally. But be warned, you better have just cause for doing it.

- Chatzeromehlot, -blam!- General


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Infensive ARITI
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You see what Chatzki did here? He mad ranks impossible to achieve. Screw ranks, start small and work your way up the ladder.


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