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So Silent...

Posted by Infensive ARITI on April 11, 2011 at 3:25 AM

I really doubt anyone will read these any time soon so I'll use this blog for my personal notes. I got something big in the works. All I have to say is that before I even think about releasing it, it has to be perfect and I mean, perfect. It will test everything I know about this new hardware and the programs contained within. I released a demo video showcasing what it is about and what I am trying to go for. I'm still waiting for a response on whether or not help will arrive. If it doesn't, I am perfectly contempt on accomplishing it on my own. Heck, it's my plan to finish it. The project is a gamble and I am forced to relearn everything I was taught. Where's a good place to start? How about one of the most time consuming jobs of media creation? Animation...

Must work, must work, must work! At the time of the post, I only have 5 more days to go. Drinking those energy drinks really screwed me up. I'm exhausted yet wide awake. I better keep working. I need to work on something... but what? I'm still waiting for that confirmation. I'll give 'em until tomorrow. If there is no word then I will initiate the framework for HBLV 2.0 and begin writing for the script. I have it all down in my head, I just need to write or type it down somewhere to work off of. Especially when I am recording. That's enough info about the project.

I just love the beach...

It's a whole different world from the desert of which I reside. I should know, I was born in Huntington Beach.

The people are nicer, too.  And before you ask, yes I did take these pictures and they belong to me.

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